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Hi friends and family, Soon we will be going on a trip of a life time and we though this would be the best way to keep in contact with everyone during our journey. This is a blog even before we leave to give you a little idea of what we will be up to. As soon as we get access to a computer during our trip we will try our best to post pictures and talk about our little adventures. Here is an idea of where we are going and when we will be there.

London arrive July 11th at 5:35 am Amsterdam, Netherlands July 12th & 13th Berlin, Germany July 15th & 16th (Traveling over night on the train July 14th ) Prague, Czech Republic July 17th & 18th Vienna, Austria July 19th & 20th Salzburg, Austria July 21st & 22nd Munich, Germany July 23rd & 24th  Athens, Greece July 25th & 26th Santorini, Greek Islands July 27th , 28th & 29th Rome Italy July 30th , 31st & August 1st Pisa, Rome August 2nd Venice, Rome August 3rd & 4th Interlaken, Switzerland August 5th , 6th and 7th Nice, France August 8th & 9th Cannes, France August 10th Barcelona, Spain August 11th , 12th & 13th Madrid, Spain August 14th & 15th Lisbon, Portugal August 17th & 18th (Traveling over night on the train Aug. 16th ) Faro, Portugal August 19th & 20th Madrid, Spain August 22nd (Traveling over night on the train Aug. 21st ) Paris, France August 24th , 25th & 26st (Traveling over night on the train Aug. 23rd ) Dublin, Ireland August 27th , 28th & 29th London, England August 30th & 31st Hope you enjoy our little stories!!!We will miss you all!!

Sab & Eric

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