Setting Up a Home Office to Boost Your Productivity

First, it’s important to know what type of person you are. If you’re someone who loves order and cleanliness, choose a style like minimalism, which promotes a clutter-free space. This is typical for offices because many people believe that an organized desk is better for focus and productivity.

However, if you work best when surrounded by an abundance of papers, documents, books, and more, then you might not only be intimidated by minimalism, but it could also cause you to lose focus. Or, if you’re someone who feels comfortable amid chaos and who knows where everything is in a sea of clutter, try implementing a shabby chic or even a boho style. These will make you comfortable and help boost your creativity.


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The safest colors are always neutral tones, which are light and easy on the eyes. Yet, when it comes to your productivity, that safety net might turn into your enemy. Instead, surround yourself with colors that stimulate you. For example, a dark gray background will likely help you stay focused, while the color scheme could include a dark, rich green and gold or brass accents, as well as deep purples or crimson reds. Browse the web for color schemes that you find stimulating and use them in your office.

Focal Points

Studies have shown that taking frequent, short breaks increases efficiency and productivity. As such, consider placing several focal points in your office; this way, you can take even a one-minute break and have somewhere to rest your eyes. Plants are a common solution because green is natural and calming. Or, decorate with art or other items that you find pleasant and inspiring.

Break Fillers

Along the same lines, boost productivity by keeping a couple of things on hand for your breaks. Don’t get into something that will make you lose your focus and distract you, though, such as social media. Instead, have a guitar next to your desk, a couple of weights, a coloring book, or a picture book; anything that inspires you can work. The idea of a break is to help take some tension off of your brain, so do something—preferably using your hands or standing up—that will relax you and stimulate your creativity.


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