Shoestringing Sea To Sea – Canada 11

Thursday, August 9:

We awoke to a calm morning, but upon emerging from our trailer, found that the dishes we had left on the picnic table the night before had blown all over our campsite, necessitating a search and rescue mission from the bushes and tall grass. Despite our best efforts, we are really finding it difficult to become true campers!  We do have a lot of laughs though.

Our drive to Edmondston was a short one through heavily forested countryside.  We noticed that Irving, Atlantic Canada’s ubiquitous gas company, is also into the lumber industry in this part of the country.  Edmonston is a pretty little town in valley alongside the Iroquois River, but we decided we had to keep moving and so passed into Quebec at 11:30 am.  (leaving the Atlantic provinces, Massey immediately switched from a Newfoundland to a French accent.)  We reconnected with the St. Lawrence at Riviere-de-Loup.  In contrast to the rain of the previous day, the skies were sunny, the water a brilliant blue, and the Laurentians a deep navy in the distance.  Although we stayed on the Transcanada this time, we could still see the little towns along the shore, the homes gleaming white and the church spires peeking above the skyline.

We arrived in Montreal without finding any likely campgrounds, so decided on a “dry camp” (i.e. Walmart parking lot), in order to make an early start to Ottawa the  following morning.  Wouldn’t you know it – we chose a Walmart next to a major freeway with trucks zooming by the entire night.  When we saw that no other campers had joined us that evening, it slowly dawned on us that we might have not have made the best choice of a camping spot.   It was not the best sleep we’ve had, but we did get that early start the next morning!    

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