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Hi everyone!   I finally read all the comments from you.  Thanks so much!  Its been great fun reading all the interactions!  To my three beautiful children…you never hold back, do you?  Your comments have been hilarious!  Remember, you will always have each other…but if I REALLY do return to the U.S. youll have ME to reckon with!  By the way, Jody, that was some long-winded description of college graduation!  Just for that I’m tempted to give your number to all the guys in Spain, too…and what on earth is rBGH-free milk?  Dont you dare spoil my sweet cat (Barney) with bad habits & fattening food!  Gina…so glad Stanley went to Stratton.  Now, I’m jealous.  I’ll bet he had a blast!  (To those who don’t know Stanley…hes a character in the childrens book, “Flat Stanley”…and he has been getting sent back & forth between my grandchildren & me.)  To my grand-daughters…YOU GO GIRLS!  Im so proud of all your academic & athletic accomplishments!  To my dear cousins…(Phyllis A.) I read so much before coming here…knew about the electric converters & adapters…espresso is too strong for me; cappuchino is more to my liking, but when I told my cousin, Roberto (who lives in Torino, Italy), to try “Cafe Americano”, he almost died when he tasted it!   By the way, a “Chocolate Espaol” is even better… considered a hot chocolate, but simply a chocolate candy bar melted into a coffee cup!  YUM!   To Dolores, Aunt Mary & family…so glad to read your comments.  I have “melted” & I’m already crying with the thought of leaving!  Im glad to be reminded that I also have lots of love waiting for me when I return to the U.S.  To Irina in Colorado Springs…so many memories!  It was wonderful getting to know you.  I continue to absorb all of the past two months, and still don’t want it to end!  To Kay, Denise, Kathy & Deb…hey girls, how are things at school?  How many snow days this winter?  I think of (and remember) all the snow…but with the sun and 70 plus degrees here, I have to say, I’ll take this any day over NY weather!  Great to hear from you!  Kathy, while in Italy I gave the veggie-selling idea some serious thought, but thought working on cruise ship might be more fun…seriously!!   I try to remember the Italian we studied, but being here makes it MUCH easier to make connections & retain new vocabulary.  And a little weird…the only U.S. news Ive seen is the fall of the stock market in early March and the  recent shooting on the Virginia college campus…nothing in between.  So many people here are upset about American politics & downright angry that we are in Iraq, and they have a negative attitude toward Americans.  I never expected to find such adverse reactions.  I had a much better time in Italy than here in Spain.  The Spanish are not patient with my lack espaol…three years of it in the 60’s just did not stick in my head!  Maybe it’s just that my head and heart will always remain in Italy…and nothing will ever compare!  And that is why I am changing my plans & returning to Italy!  I still have to make the reservations, but I should be there by the end of the week…and I can’t wait:)   Ill let you know more tomorrow.  Ciao, ciao!  Love you all bunches!    Mom/Donna

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