Sundarban National Park Package Tour

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Sundarban National Park, the name implies a vast chapter. If we explain “Sundarban” it means beautiful forest. If we say “National” it implies the largest Mangrove Forest in India as well as in thw World. Finally “Park” indicates the co existence of wildlives in forest land and in water land. This is the main reason I am writing this blog about Sundarban National Park and Sundarban Tour and Sundarban Package Tour.

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Sundarban National Park is an attractive park because of its unique co-existence of nature, wildlives, 248 species of birds, 334 species of plants, mangrove forest and crocodile, shark, dolphin etc in water. The mangrove habitat supports the single largest population of tigers in the world. Even Monkeys, spotted Deers, Tortoise, Water Monitor Lizards are also found. Someone may say as Adventurous Sundarban Package Tour.

Sundarban Mangrove Forest

Due to the above features and its major impact and influence on human habitat in 1987 Sundarbans was declared as World Heritage site by UNESCO. The site is intersected by a complex network of tidal waterways, mudflats and small islands of salt-tolerant largest mangrove forests, and presents an excellent example of ongoing ecological processes. All its beautiful nature, mild and wild beauty must catch your eyes always.

Sundarban Dense Forest

It is also the world’s largest mangrove forest and one of the most biologically productive of all natural ecosystems. It is also the Largest Delta in the World. Approximately It is around 9630 sq. KM. The mangroves supports the single largest population of the most ferocious Royal Bengal Tiger in the world which have adapted to an almost amphibious life, being capable of swimming. Every moment there prevails adventurous scenario. All the said features made Sundarban National Park Package Tour popular.

Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve

There are so many ways to reach Sundarban for Tour and Travels. One can start Sundarban Tour from Hasnabad, Basirhat, Dhamakhali, Sonakhali, Godkhali, Namkhana, Kakdwip etc but Canning is  considered the Gateway to Sundarban. Major Sundarban Packages and Sundarban Trip starts through Canning as because it is the route which helps tourists reach Sundarban most easily and quickly and reliably. Major reputed tourists offices are situated at Canning as like as “Sundarban Mangrove Travels” & “Sundarban Package Tour Service” etc. From Canning reach at Godkhali by Bus, Magic and Auto. It is around 1 hour journey. Then ride boat/lonch and it will take 2.30 hours to take you to Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve. Sajinakhali is the main office for taking permissions and guides. But there are other offices like Sonakhali, Canning, Kaikhali, Kultali, Bagna Forest etc for taking permissions.

Sajinakhali Watch Tower


Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve Entrance


Sundarban Interpretation Center

Its a very important point for tourists for spending night. Presently there are so many up to date hotels, resorts, and cottages are there in sundarban. In the past there were a few hotels and cottages in only pakhirala but later on it spread in dayapur but at present hotels and resorts are found in Pakhirala, Dayapur, Jatirampur, Sukumari, Dulki, Lahiripur and Bally. Even a few are there under star category hotel. For more adventure tourists can also stay in floating lonch, boat, cruise, houseboat etc are also well furnished along with modern amenities.

Sundarban Hotel


Sundarban Cottage



Sundarban Houseboat

Sundarban VIP Boat

Variety of Bangali delicious food items are mostly found here. Those who are non-vegetarian mostly like local Cock and local fishes like Vetki, Prawn, Golda, Parse, Bhola, Khayra, Chanda, Pomphlet, Tyangra, Katla, Crab, Amude Chuno etc. And these are the main menu everywhere but still there is also available of Vegetarian Food items. Truely non-veg tourists say that sundarban package tour without said food items is not accepted.


This is very important that how can the journey to Sundarban be safe. Directly it can be said by boat and lonch. But we should be careful of it and we must say that the boat and lonch must be hired from a reputed travel agency who regularly maintain their boats and Lonches. High capacity engine boat and lonch is ideal for Sundarban Tour. Then you need to keep in mind that it is a No Plastic Zone so avoid plastic items. It is also a silence zone so avoid any kind of sound polluting items. Also avoid any kind of drug addicting article throughout the entire forest journey. Most importantly tourists should always travel sundarban with Departmental Forest Guide because they know well about the entire forest route.

Actually Indian Sundarban occupies around 9630 Sq. KM. The entire area is formed with 102 separate islands. Out of which 48 islands are wildlife populated and the rest 54 islands are human populated. But all wildlife populated islands are not open for tourists. Only a few islands are open for tourists. The important open spots for tourists are like Hamilto’s Bunglow in Gosaba, Sajinakhali Tiger Reserve, Sudhanyakhali Tiger Reserve, Do Banki Tiger Reserve, Netidhopani Tiger Reserve. These four Tiger Reserves are under Sundarban Tiger Reserve. And Netidhopani Tiger Reserve is considered as Core Area and having importance of ancient epic “Manasa Mangal”. Till now Netidhopani is bearing the instances of the Ancient Temple and utensils. But the spots like Jharkhali, Bonnie Camp, Kalas Camp, Bijeyara Camp, Kultoli Forest (Chituri), Morich Jhapi, Bagna Forest, Burir Dabu, Harikhali are under Sundarban Biosphere Reserve or buffer area. Each of the said spots are open for tourists and famous for wildlife sighting. Actually it will take minimum 6 nights 7 tour to travel all the  spots. You can travels Sundarban Trip

Most vital information for tourists who like to seek and explore more and more through Sundarban Special Tour or Sundarban Core Area Special Package Tour. The places I am writing is not any camp or watch tower. These are the routes or narrow creeks or rivers where there are more chances to watch wildlife. Not only that while you will be travelling through these routes you must feel it as an adventure. The forest will appear so close that a fearful situation will arise and your curiosity will increase at high esteem. The more you travel through the more you will be excited for exploring wildlives. These routes are Bono Bibi Varani, Chora Gazi Khali, No Banki, Deul Varani, Chulkati River, Chituri Forest, Burir Dabu Canal, Dolphin Canal, Kalir Char etc. Mainly Sundarban Special Tour or Sundarban Special Package Tour Kolkata covers these routes.



Mode of Transport of the Sundarban Villagers