tarnhop’s barhops – Poland 10

Prague is the most touristed city in Eastern Europe with good reason.  I was lucky enough to stay with Jeremy, my Aussie friend who I met in Ljubljana, at his apartment during his last few days in the city after 

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tarnhop’s barhops – Hrvatska (Croatia) 13

Croatia’s Dalmation Coast is a cheaper, less touristed French Riviera.  Incredibly beautiful and a great place to spend a week if not three, I think the name comes from the Archipelago “spotting” the coastline but even with a name like

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tarnhop’s barhops – Sweden 4

I only spent a couple days in Helsinki. As you’ve probably noticed, I’m rushing nowadays. My July 11 flight from London to Newark is rapidly approaching. Couple that with frequent bouts of midsummer induced insomnia and you’ve got Stange Days.

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tarnhop’s barhops – Sweden 3

I’m still in Sweden; so we’re all caught up.I’ve had a good time here and I’ve been able to get get the R&R I’ve needed.I think I’ve adjusted to the Nordic midsummer day.Speaking of midsummer, it’s actually a holiday here–Midsummer, … Read the rest