Jonty’s China Trip – China 6

Hey everyone. I have just set up this travel blog so that i can report about my trip in china as well as give you all the chance to view some of the photos that i have taken thus far.

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World Traveling Poly’s – China 1

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Chrissy S Tuuu
Talofae i si ou uso. Ia onosai toe itiiti ia e toe sau oe. Enjoy your last days in China. Faaaloalo ma faaali pea lau mata fiafia, e iloa ai

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Bertil Peterson – China 2

14 Feb xxxx

A magical hot pot We are sitting in a very popular Chinese restaurant. The room is filled with smells of fish, meat, cooking oil and spices, very stimulating the appetite. A hot pot belongs to our table

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Alison Jewitt – China 6

New desk I was shown to my new desk today in the open-plan staff office and there was a dead cockroach lying on its backin the middle of the desk. Great. And the weird thing is no one even mentioned

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