Emma Lost with Carol – Peru 3


In Antofagasta Carol and I realised that we were something akin to supermodel celebrities from the level of attention we got from every truck that passed us. The terrain looked like an arid Californian desert, with cacti, crashing waves

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jon and leila stinkorama – Peru 4


Wow, weve been in Per for a long time now, and have yet to make the effort to update this thing.  The last post was from Copacabana in Bolivia, which seems like a while ago now, being New Years

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jon and leila stinkorama – Peru 6

A new bao y ducha for Bolivia, y Navidad en La Paz

We stayed two weeks in Villa Independencia, 150km from Cochabamba or 8 hours by bus, building an adobe toilet and shower.  Admitedly, we were pretty naive when we

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Hola Amigo´s – Peru 1

Posted from Peru:

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hey Lin,
what fantastic photos. Mick is green with envy over the photos of macchupiccu. It just looks amazing! Will send you an email soon. Our holiday was great,

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