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Viewing By Category : Spain / Technorati Tag Spain /Main yellowleaf2-6278161June 9, 2006

Video clips of Valle de Benasque and Llanos del Hospital in SpainHere are a couple short video clips from a valley in the centralPyrenees, or Pirineos, in Spain. These show the mountainous regionclose the border of Spain and France, within the Valle de Benasque. Mywife and I were marriedin a small church in this region, since her father and his ancestorslived in and farmed the valley using traditional, non-technologicaltools and practices.

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Posted At 11:24 AM. | Posted By Steven | Spain, Travel | Comments (0) | Spain, Odds & Ends, Print yellowleaf2-6278161March 19, 2006

Recommendation for BodasDVD Wedding Photographer of BarcelonaI highly recommend Bodas DVDwedding photographers in Barcelona, Spain. They met with us on severaloccassions the year of the wedding to coordinate the plan andrequirements, and they were very accomodating to our wishes. They eventraveled 4 hours to the wedding without charging us, although we didprovide a hotel room for them. Carlos and his collegues were veryhelpful and patient throughout our wedding day. The result was a onehour interactive DVD movie of our wedding and a beautiful, leatherbound wedding album of 20″x30″. Everyone to whom we showed the albumcommented that they’ve never seen such a beautiful and unique album,and they all complemented the photographer’s skill and style. Carles deGispert also runs the multimedia business of Indita and InditAleph,and regularly uses Adobe image and video design products. RecomendationRecomend Wedding Photography Fotographa Gallera Matrimonio MatrimonyWedding Marriage Marry Ceremony Professional

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Posted At 10:35 PM. | Posted By Steven | Photography, Travel | Comments (1) | Spain, Outdoors | Comments (0) | Spain, Print yellowleaf2-6278161December 17, 2005

Llanos del Hospital, Restaurante Ansils, Restaurante la FuenroyaPyrenees of Spain

Photos from the valley of Benasque in the Pyrenees of Aragon, Spain.Summer 2005. Photos were taken with Kodak DX4530 point and shoot 5MPdigicam.

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Posted At 11:32 AM. | Posted By Steven | Personal, Outdoors, Print yellowleaf2-6278161September 17, 2005

Wedding Reception Photos Photosof Steven and Mercedes wedding reception at Gran Hotel de Benasque(Hotel Valero), Spain. These photos taken with the Kodak disposablecameras for each table so they are not very clear. September 3, 2005 A photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on Flickr

If you’d like to see the formal wedding photographs, here they are on Flickr, taken by BodasDVD in Barcelona.

Posted At 4:30 PM. | Posted By Steven | Personal, Events | Comments (1) | sabbaticalprogram. For the last 45 days I’ve occupied myself with a wide range ofactivities, and surprisingly almost none of which had anything to dowith ColdFusion. Now that’s a vacation!

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Posted At 12:31 PM. | Posted By Steven | Personal, Odds & Ends | Comments (6) | one on Eclipse which has a chapter on building plugins, Photoshop CS. I may take some time to read up SELinux, too.

During this last month I’ve been reading Thomas Friedman’s Guns, Germs, and Steel, and by Spencer Well’s Cosmos, by Carl Sagan.

During the second half of my sabbatical, I’ll be in Barcelona, Spain and then in 12th century church in a small mountain village near the border with France, close to Pico Aneto, the highest mountain in Spain. I used Ray’s BlogCFC to create a dual English/Spanish informational website to assist the guests.

If you’re not familiar with the region, check this out.Its a small Javascript app that zooms in on Barcelona and the Pyrennes,which I made for those who will be travelling from the US. It’s alittle slow in MSIE, but great in Firefox. This was before Google Earthcame out, so I was trying to provide a way for non-technical people toget their bearings.

shutdown -h +360 “Going on sabbatical. Please log off” Broadcast message from root (pts/1) (Fri Jul 29 11:56:35 2005): Going on sabbatical. Please log off The system is going DOWN for system halt in 6 hours!

Posted At 11:34 AM. | Posted By Steven | Personal, Macromedia | Comments (3) | Spain, Print yellowleaf2-6278161June 15, 2005

Spanish Film RecommendationsPreparing to pass the Movie Meme, here’s a rehashed, repost of my rather lengthy comments to the 3rd House Party Movie Meme blog entry….

This reads almost exactly like a list of my own DVD collection. I’ll buy anything directed by Pedro Almodovar or Alejandro Amenbar, or starring Gael Garca Bernal or Javier Bardem. Concord isn’t all that far from Grafton, so maybe we can swap sometime 🙂

Gael Garca Bernal is really emerging as one of the best Mexican actors, with credits including El Crimen de Padre Amaro, Y Tu Mama Tambien.

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