tarnhop’s barhops – Portugal 24

Sevilla is a beautiful city in the South of Spain.  They put a lot of effort into keeping the gardens pretty and they take great pride in the architecture of the place.  Its a very international town as well, filled with US students and Europeans living abroad.

I met up with Diego who I had met previously in Morocco.  Diego has been living in Sevilla for the past three months and he took me around.  Besides the usualy sightseeing we tried desperately to screen Wedding Crashers in my hotel room, which believe it or not, had a TV.  After failed attempts at borrowing laptops and DVD players, calling his friends to see who wanted to watch, and convincing the pawn shop clerk to rent us a DVD player we eventually headed to an internet cafe and promptly wasted hours.  We never got to watch it but now I have a copy of my own.  Here are a couple of photos of us sneaking in beer and fried food in the internet cafe.

Although I dont have any photos (I forgot to keep snapping after the above intoxication) Diego took me to the Botellon where hundreds of Spanish and foreign kids hang out and drink in the street outside bars.  It was quite strange to witness–the cops would watch from afar and the crowds would part only for slow plowing cars.  We went from place to place meeting his friends always drinking something like 40 ozs (damn metric) the entire way.  We ended up in a drum circle with a bunch of Italian hippies.  All in all, I recuperated sucessfully and had a great time. 
Posted from Portugal:

posted Saturday April 2006