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I think 24 hours in Venice is all one needs.  It’s pretty and it’s different but it’s small, crowded with tourists (no locals live there), and very expensive.  I found myself living off of pizza and pasta while in Italy.  It’s not the most backpacker budget friendly place.

While still in Florence, I noticed a strange girl sleeping in my bed.  After a brief mix-up, we decided to switch beds, began drinking wine with everybody in the room, and made friends all around.  I went to Florence with Megan, her friend Louis, and one of the Spaniards, Paula.  Here is a shot of us (and another guy we met) picnicing on the three and a half hour train from Florence to Venice which was so crowded we had to stand.  Some fruit and sandwiches later, we discovered the art of train drinking and went through several bottles.

Here is a great shot of Louis’s eyes up close.  Try to ignore the red-eye and notice that he actually has too different colored eyes.

And here I am with Megan and Bonnie (their friend, already in Venice) in typical Italian fashion.

And of course, the now seemingly obligatory typical photo of the town.  Who am I to buck tradition, even if I am it’s author.

Posted from Slovenia:

posted Friday March 2014


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