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Hello it is Dec. 15, 2007
; I leave for Tanzania, Moshi in 1 month and 3 days so I decided it would be a good idea to get a travel blog started so I can share my experiance with those who care to read about it. I am very excited, im also a little nervous. I know I will miss my family while I am gone for 3 months but cant wait to start my adventure.  I go to get my imunazations on Wed., i need about 7 different shots… all for the bargin price of about $450 (talk about a sore arm… and a shaky hand when i hand over the cash.) ouch -NOo, its all for a good cause. I also bought my flight ticket from SLC to DAR (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) it will be a total of 30 hrs flight time and a total 2 days of travel with the 3 connecting flights. My dad was unable to get me a buddy pass that would save me any money so I took the safe route to avoid being “bumped” and paid the $1600 for my flight… I guess Iv been spoiled being able to fly free all those years. The young simple years…. haha

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posted Sunday December 2007