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Every travelers knows that each destination is unique and each trip is different from another, so it’s possible to live a completely different experience in the same place, such as in Sardinia, the island worldwide renowned for its clean beaches and its culture.

This post is a selection of pictures and videos related to my travel tour in Sardinia realized with the support of Le Dune Resort & Spa, a hotel located in the North, at Badesi Marina.

My advice is to plan your personal tour in Sardinia including a choice of the main sights, because this is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, so you’ll need a long stay to explore the inland and discover the most genuine side of this amazing destination in Italy.

Swimming and surfing in Badesi Marina

Li Junchi in Sardinia

Li Junchi is one of the most popular beaches in Northern Sardinia: here takes place yearly the Green Festival, a competition among the most experienced Italian and international surfers.

This event is scheduled in August but the contest starts only when the weather conditions are ideal for high waves. I suggest you to check this website to know more about the dates:

Li Junchi beach

The following video shows the highlights of the 2013 edition, a funny way to approach surfing and see the greatest champions of this discipline.

Li Junchi Longboard festival:

Ancient traditions and cool events in Sardinia

Sardegna maddalena carnevale estivo

Many tourists ignore that Carnival in Sardinia isn’t only a winter event, but usually takes place also in summer.
The Sardinian Summer carnival is a masked parade that enlivens the streets of town and you can join it at Badesi and La Maddalena, two places where the traditions are deeply-rooted.

Oristano Sa sartiglia

Torralba San Antine Nuaraghe Sardinia

About Sardinia’s symbols and tradition I have to mention nuraghe, the megalithic edifices spread over the island. The nuraghe in the picture is called Santu Antine or Sa domo de su Re (“the King’s house”) and is located in Torralba town (in province of Sassari).

This is one of the most impressive nuraghe in Sardinia and I recommend a visit during your stay.

Monte Limbara

The hotel where I stayed also organizes excursions and guided tours in Gallura, the area close to the Emerald Coast, sought-after for its beaches and for its mountains.

If you like trekking, in fact, Mount Limbara it’s the best choice: the granite rocks, sculpted by the wind, have a bizarre shape and introduce you to a peerless natural landscape.

Capo Carbonara

The most enchanting views in Sardinia

Valle della Luna in Sardinia

The Moon Valley is the nickname given to Cala Grande, is situated on the small peninsula Capo Testa and is the ideal place for who wants to escape from everyday life.

Here you can meet many backpackers and people who like to keep in contact with unpolluted nature.

Vignola Mare, Sardinia

Vignola Mare, near Aglientu in Gallura, will amaze you because the pink color of the sand it’s in tune with the deep blue of the sea, charming scenery for a holiday!

The pink beach at isola di Budelli, part of La Maddalena nature reserve, is one of its kind and here bathing is forbidden to preserve the beauty of this Heaven’s corner.

Spiaggia rosa Budelli Sardegna

It’s very important to respect the environment in Sardinia, a region that kept intact its treasures and discloses its charm only to the respectful tourists.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this island this summer or in the next months, you’ll always find traditional events to join and attractions to see.

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