Everest Base Camp Trek

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Trekking to the mountain base camp is an adventure journey so it won’t be very easy that people might think sometimes. Everest base camp is a beautiful mountain trip where you can see stunning mountain views and more. But there are some difficulties that you will face. This is not very hard trek but still, some things will make even a bit uneasy on the Everest base camp trek. Then, what difficulties you will face on Everest base camp trek? Let’s check here now.

Difficulties of Flight to Lukla

Lukla Airport

Lukla flight from Kathmandu connects with the Everest base camp. Flying around a half an hour with eye captivating Mountain View, you can reach Lukla and trek 8 days including 2 rest days for altitude practice to the base camp. Flying to any destination should not be difficult but there will be some difficulties.

There are certain flights to Lukla and hundreds of people will fly each day. The flights don’t operate the whole day so there will be limited seats on the flight. You have to book your flight ticket in advance if you are planning your trek during high season.

You book your seat in advance then another problem might face with this. It needs to be nice and clear weather with long visibility to fly. The flight will be cancelled sometimes due to the bad weather. If you miss your flight cause of bad weather, you will have very less chance to get an earlier flight on the following day. Because there will be already advanced booking passengers. You will be behind then regular passengers in this case. Then what is the option for the next step?

You better fly on a helicopter which saves your time. But, you need to pay extra amount including your regular flight ticket. This could be when you will return after the trek from Lukla also. So, be mentally prepared if this happened.

Now, you have earlier flight and the weather is good enough to fly. The next difficulties can be that you should know before departing from your hotel for the flight. There is weight limitation on the flight. You know that on every flight will be weight restriction. You will fly on a small plane so you only can fly with 15kg weight including your hand luggage. Try to pack needed things that you use on the trek. The things that you don’t use on the trek, you can leave in your hotel in Kathmandu and take it back after your trek.

Physical Difficulties

Buddhist Monuments

Trekking is a physical activity so you need to be fit enough to walk through the mountain trails with lots of up and downhills. A few hiking training should not be enough to trek to the Everest base camp trek. The trail along the Everest base camp is with rocks so walking on a clear trail and with rocks makes different.

There are some long downhills which are not good for the knees to the trekkers. And some small stones make it difficult to walk and might fall over. So, you need to be careful while descending with lots of small stones and take knee supporter, trekking pole and anklet with your trekking equipment.

Temperature Difficulties

Khumbu Glacier

Most of the trekkers to the Everest base camp trek come from lower elevated places and warm temperature accept some winter temperatures of their home countries. It might be a bit challenging of cold temperature that trekkers have to face on the trek.

The main trekking season to the Everest base camp is autumn and the months of autumn offer cold temperature. It is not freezing but it could be colder than trekkers might accept sometimes. Spring offers warmer temperature compared to autumn on Everest base camp trek. There will be the best weather in November and December but the temperature will be very cold. So, you need to have nice and warm trekking equipment if you are planning a trek during these months.

Accommodation, Food, Drink and Toilet Difficulties


You can get easily the accommodations in each stop during the trek. There are plenty of lodges with some comfort and luxury accommodation. You may have attached bathroom in some places. The bed in the guest house is good enough to spend the night and they are clean. But, it might be a bit narrow beds in some places so, don’t expect the bed as you will have in cities. Knowing this about available accommodation, it came to know that you don’t need to take a tent with you.

But there will be some difficulties to secure your place in some places. Places like Tengboche, Lobuche and Gorakshep have limited lodges that might not enough in some days during the high trekking season. You need to book at least one day earlier in advance.

You will have a food menu everywhere where you stay and stop for lunch while you will be hiking. The problem is, you will see the same food items in every food menu and the only difference is the price. As you go to higher places, the cost of the food also goes high. Meat items should not be fresh every time than it is good to stay with vegetarian food while you will be trekking towards the base camp.

You can get bottled water in the places where you stay, during walking and in the groceries. You can buy bottled water if you would like to but it may be costly. A bottle of water may cost up to 500 NPR but you can get them 100 NPR in the lower area. You can drink normally available water filling in your empty bottle but don’t forget to use purification methods.

As I have mentioned that you can get attached bathroom in some places. If you don’t get attached bathroom, you will still have an indoor toilet in every lodge. You don’t need to go out of the building to use the toilet. But, don’t expect sitting toilets everywhere. Toilets in higher areas might be smelly with cold temperatures because they might be frozen.

Altitude Difficulties

Mountain Rescue

Everest Base Camp Trek
Khumbu glacier and Everest Himalaya

The most important thing that you should know about the Everest base camp trek is the altitude problem. Coming from the sea level and going to high Himalayan land is a challenge. There will be less oxygen in the air as much as you visit high mountain areas. It makes it difficult to walk and might get sick with not enough oxygen.

The trail doesn’t look steep but still will be difficult to walk because of the altitude problem. You will have earlier symptoms if you got the altitude sickness. Headache, vomiting, loss apatite, can’t sleep well, fatigue while resting, hard to breathe and a few other symptoms occur when altitude starts effect.

You need to walk slow, drink enough water, sleep well, eat well, start taking altitude tablets after 3500m of elevation are the earlier prevention of altitude sickness. If the problem begins, you have to stay one more day rest at the same place, descend as soon as possible or take advice from a guide or the local health assistant from the place where you are.

Taking good travel insurance from your country which covers any emergency evacuation above 6000m of elevation is highly recommended for the Everest base camp trek.


Everest base camp trek is a popular trekking destination in Nepal. There are thousands of trekkers doing this trek every year and enjoying with its beauty. Seeing massive snow-capped mountains, wildlife, vegetation, valleys, rivers, waterfalls, glacier, Buddhist monasteries and other monuments, beautiful Sherpa settlements, and much more attraction are in this trek.

Although, there are some difficulties of this trek which trekkers are facing. Hopefully, the listed things help you to find ‘what are the major difficulties of the Everest base camp trek?’ And will be easy to manage those difficulties on the trek. There should be a few other minor difficulties along the trail as some accidental problems which you may face them easily.

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