Vicki Brenkovich Vickster Aussie Girl 8 September 2024 – Italy 5


About to head off from Firenze to Vernazza, wish me luck opening the doors of the train. Not sure if there will beinternet access or reliable electricity where I am going so you may not hear from me until Milan. Firenze was wonderful forits art work and architecture but the traffic was a challenge. Aparently pedestrian lights and crossings are purely a suggestionand not an indication for traffic to give way. Italian drivers have two speeds, stop and flat out. Saw lots of beautiful cars thoughBlack Masarati was a stand out. Best go soon as I’m never sure if I have the right times for the trains. Only a week to go but close to my goals of a plot mapped out and ten chapters of the book which with electricity and the computer fairies on my sideI might just make.

Posted from Italy:

posted Saturday October 2024


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