Vicki Brenkovich Vickster Aussie Girl 8 September 2024 – Italy 7

I am still in Passignano and enjoying every moment. I have been able to plot some murders and suicides for the book and had covered my bed with index cards setting out all the major scenes. Yesterday I went for a walk up the hill to the Castle Regoni and dropped my reading glasses from a height down a crack in the railing. Luckily I retrieved them, a little scratched but ok. I walked around the ‘old town’ which is all stone cottages. Today I took the ferry to Isola Maggiora and walked around the town and up the hill (boy I must be getting some muscles in my legs by now) to one of the old churches. Lots of old stone cottages along the street and cats with attitude. Everywhere I go I see apartments and cottages for sale and I start to see myself ‘Under a Tuscan Sun’ style buying an old cottage and restoring it. Tattslotto territory but someone has to win right”

Posted from Italy:

posted Thursday October 2024


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