Vicki Brenkovich Vickster Aussie Girl 8 September 2024 – Italy 8

Arrived in Passignano from Venezia today a bit late and a bit frazzled. Didn’t help that I lost track of time and was running to the other end of a long train and that there was a Dock workers protest blocking the line when we were ready to go and that it put my connection to Passignano in doubt and that the door was jammed and wouldn’t open at Passignano and I had to go to the next stop and catch the train back.

But the good fairies were with me. I had a gorgeous Brazilian boy lift my luggage in and out of the train from Firenze and a wonderful conversation with his mother who speaks five languages including English, is an architect and a psychologist but has a passion for writing. And then there was a lovely lady at Magione who helped me work out when the next train would arrive to take me back to Passignano, and handsome Italian boy who I hassled to open for the train door for me so I could finally fall out of the train at the next attempt at Passignano. And then there was the kindly Hotel manager who realising that I was a little frazzled trying to work out where the hotel was came to pick me up in his car.

Now I have a belly full of Taglielli (with some fromaggio I am afraid) and I am going to go to bed and wake up to explore the town and the lake and do some more work on Chapters 2 & 3.

Having fun, more soon

Posted from Italy:

posted Sunday September 2024